Decentralized Gaming Engine

“The metaverse requires an open world programming model that doesn’t exist”

Tim Sweeney - Epic Games (Unreal Engine)

Building the metaverse is hard

Current game engines have legacy approaches and high complexity

Content creators and artists have little to no incentives

Online games have toxic inflated economies

Centralized online games will disappear, retro gaming won’t happen

Online worlds are limited by server’s capacities

Lack of interoperability

We are building an ecosystem driven revolutionary multi-platform App to build and play games, empowering users to own their items in the Open Metaverse

Build the metaverse within the metaverse


👨‍🎨️ No/Low code, multi-platform and collaborative game engine

📦 Decentralized asset store with Direct-to-creators royalties

🎁 Living marketplace featuring games and items

🌐 Peer-to-peer server-less living worlds

⛓ Immutable and unbreakable on-chain storage

🪐 Total interoperability

Internal Tech Stack

C++, Rust, Lisp dialects, Solidity, some JS.

libp2p, IPFS, BGFX, ImGui, Tensorflow, PyTorch, OpenAI, Rapier, Emscripten, WebAssembly, Wasm3, LLVM, Ethereum, Substrate.

And more, anything high performance.



Creativity engine

The first dApp to build apps, games and virtual worlds.

A low code, fast, immediate and batteries included creative framework to build fast and efficient multi-platform applications in the form of NFTs and more.


An open scripting programming language for the future.

A future where the current Screen or Desktop, Mouse and Keyboard are replaced by virtual interfaces within a VR/MR/AR environment.



Our protocol and networking stack.

Currently a Substrate utility chain, the impartial decentralized database and the permanent on-chain storage. As well as the core of the Peer-to-peer worlds technology.